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HUMAN RESOURCES Mission, Vision, Fundamental Strategy


Supporting individual/corporate development with HR practices that create added value, and being a team that is sensitive to the environment, can quickly adapt to changes, and has a strong communication. 


Growing and pioneering in automotive industry with a competent, agile and highly motivated organization in every geography we exist and will exist. 

Fundamental Strategy

Having the necessary skills, competencies and infrastructure to be an organization that continuously learns and has a strong communication.

HR Policy

Our human resource is our most important asset that makes us who we are and will carry our strength to the future.


Completing each other with harmony, we work with the awareness that holistic success is what is essential in our company where we go towards the same goal.


The major aim of our Human Resources is to prepare the necessary and correct infrastructure and facilities for the development of our human resources that need to adapt quickly to rapid changes. With our diversity and distinctions in harmony, we go forward with our team that we work with the principle of fairness and equality and we are proud to be a part of.

HR Applıcatıons and Fundamental Prıncıples

  • With the principle of equal opportunity, we recruit experienced or newly graduated employees who will carry our company to the future, are qualified and suitable for the corporate culture as well as have development potential.


  • We ensure that all tasks are performed by the right person and in the best way by composing job descriptions clearly.


Performance Management
  • Regarding our employees’ performance and development within the scope of their business objectives, we apply a fair and objective performance management system to give feedback to them by adopting a target and competency based management approach.


Career Management
  • With a career model that will reveal the different potentials of all our employees, we principally adopt the understanding of appointing internal candidates by considering equality of opportunity in the appointment and promotion processes within our company.


  • We support our employees with training programs that will ensure that they work efficiently by keeping job satisfaction at the highest level, increase the service quality and the application of the career management system.
Corporate Development and Learning
  • For the purpose of achieving our business goals, we constantly improve and learn by knowing the effect of creating a learning organization culture.


  • We adopt “Participative Management” method and care about our employees’ ideas.