We have been serving the world automotive industry since 1993. Formed by the synergistic merger of the companies we have included in our structure, our knowledge of various production technologies, competence in product design and global production experience have made us one of Turkey’s leading automotive supplier companies in the field of Gearshift, Flexible control cables, Plastic, Metal and Spring products. 

We are proud of being a part of Orhan Holding, the global star of the Turkish Automotive Industry, by manufacturing in 15 countries with 48 years of automotive experience.

As we have progressed since our establishment by increasing not only our financial size but also our knowledge and capability, our family has reached 1.100 people.


With the strong infrastructure, systems and the industry’s trust in us, we maintain long-term and strong joint ventures with the world’s leading automotive manufacturers today.


We offer agile solutions for rapidly changing conditions with our R&D and engineer team of 50 people. We have the capability to perform the designs and functional tests of products and lines in-house.With our vertical integration structure, we have a handle on all processes in the products we produce.


We constantly develop and improve with our flexible and dynamic structure. We achieve foolproof perfection in 4 continents and 4 countries in the world for which we produce, except Turkey. We are aware of our responsibility in products, most of which are safety components. With our zero-defect policy of quality, we all work with the awareness of this responsibility from our engineering team to our workers assembling on the line, and we make quality a lifestyle.


We work to reduce our CO2 footprint with our understanding of sustainable production and operation, with the awareness of our responsibility not only for today but also for the future. Within our own structure, we successfully carry out all processes in our customer value chain from R&D and design to zero-defect delivery in automotive and we improve it day by day.


We attain the future of automotive industry with our sustainability approach.

Our products hold an important market share in the European automotive market.

ORAU in European Market


ın every 1 out of 5 Vehıcles wıth Manual Shıft Mechanısm

Manual Shift


ın every 1 out of 4 vehıcles

Bonnet and Fuel Cables


ın every 1 out of every 8 vehıcles

Exhaust Brackets


ın every 1 out o 6 vehıcles

Oil Dipstick

Are produced by ORAU.