As ORAU, we carry out and support studies that will benefit our country in the field of institutional social responsibility. 

We always act with an ethical and responsible approach that develops and protects the general interests of the society.


As ORAU, we give great support to improve the quality of education in our country. We continue our studies for improving education and educational institutions.

Orhan Educational and Cultural Foundation

In 1996, Orhan Educational and Cultural Foundation was established to provide scholarships to children of Orhan Holding employees who are successful in education. In addition, in line with the requirements, the foundation built necessary reinforcement areas and educational facilities in order to contribute to education.

Educational projects we contributed
  • 1998 İbrahim Orhan Vocational High School (Yenişehir)
  • 1998 Hacı Halil Orhan Student Dormitory (Yenişehir)
  • 2005 Necla Orhan Primary School (Bademli Village)
  • 2005 Hacı Asiye İsmet Orhan Student Dormitory (Yenişehir)

ORAU Coding & Robotics Club

ORAU Coding & Robotics Club started as a social responsibility project and continues in this direction.

Within the scope of the project we started with the children of ORAU Family, our goal is that more children can learn to code and benefit from its advantages.


Our competition that we started in 1993 in Bursa now continues under the name of “International Orhan Holding Photography Contest”. Photographers from various countries around the world participate in the contest we organize every year under the charge of FIAP.

Click to visit the website of the contest.



Since the establishment of our company, we make choices that the products we manufacture or the raw materials we supply do not harm the environment. We ensure that our wastes in industrial processes are recycled or disposed in a way that does not harm the nature, in agreement with professional recycling companies.


We are well below the regulation limit values ​​in the emission measurements we make in the periods determined in accordance with the regulation.


While we organize in-house awareness studies and trainings to reduce the consumption of natural resources, we also continue our works on sapling planting, which has become a tradition of ours.


As ORAU, in every industrial field and in each of our factories, we adopt and implement an approved environmental management system as well as provide new goals and objectives for studies that guarantee constant control of our work.


Always remember, a healthy life is only possible with a healthy environment.