ORAU undertakes to provide innovative engineering solutions continuously to meet and exceed customer needs and expectations in quality, value, delivery and service by performing the following matters;

  • Consistently improving our products, production processes and management systems by working closely with our customers and with the active participation of our employees and suppliers.
  • Organizasyonumuz ve tedarik zinciri boyunca, ORAU Yönetim Sistemi IATF 16949:2016’ya ve ilgili tüm müşteri özel isteklerine uygun olmasını sağlamak ve devam ettirmek.
  • Ensuring and maintaining ORAU Management System in compliance with IATF 16949: 2016 and all relevant customer special requests throughout our organization and supply chain.
  • Using poka-yoke other than error detection techniques, adopting “Zero-Defect” policy and obtaining high level of performance.
  • Determining and monitoring performance indicators and targets for the processes defined in the ORAU Management System in order to increase business performance.
  • Following raw material and production methods in a way to protect the environment.
  • Ensuring that our Quality Policy is transmitted to all our employees and understood by them.
    Continuously following the effectiveness of this policy at all management levels through process performance evaluations.




As ORAU Orhan Otomotiv, during the production of control cables, transmission control unit, plastic, spring and metal components, we undertake ,

  • To abide by all national, local laws, regulations and all other legal regulations regarding the environment,
  • To protect the environment, to reduce the pollution and to improve the environmental management system in order to continuously improve the environmental performance,
  • To raise awareness about the environment, covering all its employees, subcontractors, suppliers and customers,
  • To reduce at the source of all kinds of waste that negatively affect the environment and human health; reuse, recycle and properly dispose of those wastes,
  • To fulfill responsibilities related to the protection of natural resources,
  • To provide and continuously improve energy efficiency in all production methods,
  • To plan out and implement strategic steps for sustainability by evaluating Environmental Management Risks and Opportunities,
  • To establish health, safety and environmental integrity to decrease emergency risks,
  • That the environmental management system we have established for this purpose shall be implemented by all employees, starting with the senior management.

Bu amaçla kurduğumuz çevre yönetim sisteminin üst yönetimden başlayarak tüm çalışanlarca uygulanacağını taahhüt ederiz.

> Scope of the Organization’s Environmental Management System




As ORAU Orhan Otomotiv, during the production of control cables, transmission control unit, plastic, spring and metal components, we undertake

  • To abide by all laws, regulations and other obligations regarding Occupational Health and Safety,
  • To take a proactive and systematic approach to reduce occupational accidents and diseases to zero level in the workplace and to create “Occupational Safety Culture” within the company,
  • To provide a healthy and safe work environment by adopting the principle of “Continuous Improvement” and to adopt the principle that improvement activities are “the common responsibility of all employees”.